The Traditional and Nontraditional Media Relationship

Traditional and Nontraditional Media Synergies When it comes to traditional and nontraditional media there is no magical formula or one-size-fits-all approach. Think of social media and traditional media as different types of boats both navigating their way towards a destination. Think of the destination as the consumer purchase decision. Both boat classes use GPS to[…]

Why Your Business Needs to Blog

A well written corporate blog is like a business journal-its purpose is to benefit others. It’s about relevant info and information is what your clients are seeking. Information gives your followers knowledge, and knowledge empowers them to make buying decisions with confidence. There are many good reasons why businesses should blog and here are five[…]

Three Misconceptions about Social Media Marketing

What are the three misconceptions about social media marketing? One of the biggest misconceptions about social media marketing is that you can make it up as you go along as long as you post on a regular basis. This is definitely not recommended. Businesses must have a strategy and set goals for social media before[…]