April 22, 2015

Why is Social Media Marketing/Our Process


Traditional advertising and the ways companies have gone to market is profoundly changing. While traditional advertising serves an important purpose, it can no longer stand on its own. As traditional advertising costs continue to rise, it is only logical that a shift occurred, this is where social media marketing comes in…

Social Media is a revolution, not a evolution.  It is not an extension of the Internet. Social Media models the characteristics of a revolution because there has been a sudden change in the rules of engagement. People are much more savvy  today. They want to be more involved in their purchase decisions, which means they want to be part of the dialogue.  They want to have conversations to learn more about the product or service they are considering. Traditional marketing is effective for branding and call-to-action campaigns but to engage the customer, businesses need to incorporate a social media strategy that allows for a two-way conversation.

How the process begins..

  1. We Develop a strategic social media content plan that begins with the end  in mind for each social media site. Each social media platform will requite different marketing a communication tactics. We will set goals for each social media platform and design a plan that will accomplish these goals.
  2. We Develop your social media platforms and create a content strategy for each.
  • Facebook
  • Blogs
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest