Rock the Boat on Social Media Marketing

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This is not your typical branding and social media workshop. This is a hands-on workshop that will help you navigate the waters of social media marketing. We are going to help you chart a social media marketing course and make your brand shine!  You will learn from experts who have been in the marketing and social media business for a combined 40 + years.

As marketers and business owners it is imperative to find the right traditional and social mix. It can be an overwhelming undertaking and seem like a crap shoot with so many options out there. Guessing can make the difference between losing a sale or closing the business. Not to mention the time and money that is wasted on “experimenting” with different advertising mediums and social media platforms. We are going to help you narrow down your options.

One-to-One Coaching with our Experts 

We are not going to do all the talking. Our workshop is an opportunity to receive one-to-one expert advice about your brand and your current traditional and social media-marketing strategy. Once we have reviewed your pre-assessment form you will meet with our marketing and social media experts. We will conduct a one-to-one assessment of your current marketing and social media presence.  You will leave with a customized social media action plan that you can implement right away. We will take the time before, during and after the workshop to make sure your brand and social media marketing stays on the right course.

We will help you navigate a course that will get your brand noticed!  Your charted course will be designed to encourage ENGAGEMENT and get prospects to take ACTION. 

Our hands on, three-tier social media workshop will cover: 

1)Brand Strategy-It all starts with your business and how you are perceived. We will provide expert advice and tips on your brand strategy. We will also give you our exclusive tools to help you differentiate your business in today’s competitive market.

2)Traditional vs. Social Media-learn the difference between traditional and social media marketing and why it matters. We will look at traditional media options and advice on planning and buying in today’s saturated and competitive market. 

3)Social Media Marketing- We  will take a look at what you are currently doing and critique what you are doing well and where you need to make improvements. We will help you select the social media platforms that make the most sense for your business in terms of engagement and results. 

Rock the Boat Social Media workshop takeaways: 

•A deeper understanding of social media marketing
•The difference between traditional and Social Media marketing 
•A template you can navigate through to help create a customized value proposition for your business 
•A Social Media Action Plan: A customized social media marketing action plan based on the findings of our one-to-one assessment. 
•Complimentary follow up call- a ten-minute post follow-up call with the experts to answer questions.

Note: As an attendee of our Rock the Boat Social Media Workshop, you have the option to work with our team to help you create and implement a social media marketing plan on an on going basis. If you sign the day of the seminar you will receive 15% off your first month on a six-month contract. 

To get on board and reserve your seat you need to do these things.

  1. Register for the Rock the Boat workshop
  2. Choose your 20 minute one-to-one session with the experts
  3. Fill out the pre-assessment form online: click here to get link

Climb aboard the Social Media Boat and LET’S ROCK IT!

REGISTER HERE: Rock the Boat on Social Media 

If you have questions please call 651-343-8329.  Thanks and hope to see you on October 17th!