Brand Strategy Tune-ups


Like any well maintained vehicle,  businesses need occasional brand strategy tune-ups too. They need to do a diagnostic exam on their brand from time to time. Often they discover their marketing message needs to be reinvigorated to ensure that it is relevant and compelling. Does your marketing message speak the tone and language that resonates with your intended audience? Does your brand evoke emotion?

Your brand should have three or four characteristics that best describe it. A strong brand has a clear identity and brand personality. Often times when I ask my new clients what differentiates their brand they say “customer service”.  There is no feeling or emotion associated with customer service.  I then ask them to define customer service as if they were describing a friend. What are their favorable and outstanding traits that make people feel a certain way? This frame work can help define your brand and tell the story of why you verses them?

Great brands speak for themselves. They evoke emotion.  They can motivate us, inspire us, and encourage us to make a buying decision that we may or may not have been in the market for. Brands  speak to us. They evoke an emotion. It’s that simple.

To give your business a brand strategy tune-up, first ask what is the number one thing that differentiates you from them? Does you imagery help tell your story? Does your logo, color scheme and visuals support your brand image? Does your positioning statement or tagline describe what your thing is?

To explain what you do to someone who does not know your business try explaining the value of the experience you give your clients. Here is what I say, “I strive to help businesses get reacquainted with their brand. I help them engage their audience and consistently tell their story in their own voice and their own way.  I help them create the content that demands attention and resonates with the person on the other end  so they begin to trust your brand and develop a lifetime relationship with it.

How does you brand make people feel? To help you with your brand strategy tune up contact Lighthouse Marketing.  They may be the beacon of light that helps you find your way in the ever changing world of marketing and social media. For complimentary consultation contact Julia Tice at