OnBoarding-Know your Marketing Course Before you Set Sail

When navigating the waters of marketing and social media you must know your course before you set sail. In other words, where are you going and how are you going to get there? When we onboard a client the first thing we do is a thorough assessment of their brand. This may sound like a no-brainer but you would be surprised by the how many small businesses want to jump in the water before they know which course they should choose to set sail.  The initial launch of a business is definitely the fun and exciting stuff, however having the basic branding down first is essential for any effective marketing strategy.


Anticipate Changes of Weather

As a small business owner, you have envisioned how things will go once you first open the door or you have contracted with that first client. But as we know, things do not always go according to plan.  It is a good idea to anticipate factors that may affect your business, good, bad or indifferent before you get off course.  Circumstances can change fast, such as, consumer tastes, technology or a fierce competitor may blow into town unexpectedly. Will you be ready for the shift? Of course, you cannot always anticipate change but you can control the consistency of your brand and the unique value you offer the consumer.

The Synergy of the Crew

Be sure all of your key players and influencers are present at the first official marketing launch meeting. This is the time to rally your people. It is time to fill in the blanks in terms of what marketing tools you will work with and who is expected to do what, when, and how. A great crew consists of a diverse group of hands and a skill set that will work together synergistically.  Be sure to allow your team players the freedom  to do what they do best.  People excel when they are utilizing their true talents. A united effort and creative freedom is what will create harmony amongst the team. There shouldn’t be second guessing when it comes to the expectations of your crew working together towards the marketing goal.

Setting the Course

Regardless of the size of the boat, there is only one captain.  There is also a first mate and the rest of crew, depending the size of your ship. Each person has a critical job to ensure the boat stays a float and you sail with ease towards your destination. When charting your marketing course, you will want to start with branding basics. Who are you? What purpose does your business serve? How does your product or service make people’s lives better? Are there certain feelings associated with your brand, such as security, convenience, piece of mind? What is your one niche? Think about the who before you think about the why? In other words, who are you targeting and how are you going to satisfy their need better than the competitor?

Accountability of the Crew

When it comes to planning your marketing course of action be sure your entire crew is on board. Is everyone equipped in knowing what to do and where they will anchor once at port? Are you all on the same tack, heading in the right direction? A well-defined brand strategy and a steady marketing course will ensure you’re ready for high winds or a calm breeze.  Should you have to change course it will be done with ease knowing everyone is heading toward the same destination with one goal in mind. Do you need help creating a marketing course for you business? Call Lighthouse Marketing. Media for a complimentary marketing assessment at 651-343-8329.