Three Misconceptions about Social Media Marketing

What are the three misconceptions about social media marketing? 34537775_s

One of the biggest misconceptions about social media marketing is that you can make it up as you go along as long as you post on a regular basis. This is definitely not recommended. Businesses must have a strategy and set goals for social media before posting. The first question to ask is what do I want my social media marketing to accomplish? Make a list of your top objectives as they relate to your marketing goals. Do your posts speak to your objectives?

The second misconception about social media marketing is it only takes a few minutes a day. In order for your social media strategy to work you should dedicate at least 6 to 8 hours a week. Use critical thinking and have a well thought out plan to reach potential clients during the three phases of the buying cycle-
1) the awareness phase, 2) the evaluation phase, and 3) the decision phase.

The third misconception is that social media is free. Think of your social media audience as readers for the one and only newspaper publication in town. You are the writer. Your objective is to grow your readership over time. To accomplish this you need to provide your readers with the kind of information that will get their attention and encourage them to read your content on a daily basis.  Now ask yourself how much is that engaged customer worth? A well planned content strategy, when implemented with your social media marketing objectives in mind, will inevitably grow your social media network over time thus increasing your odds of conversion.

What you communicate to your potential customers online is a reflection of your brand, your attitudes and your business philosophy. Be sure you have a solid social media-marketing plan before you begin to engage with your audience. When you have a plan and work your plan you will be in a position to measure results and make changes to ensure your social media marketing is meeting the objectives you set forth for your business.

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