Why Your Business Needs to Blog

A well written corporate blog is like a business journal-its purpose is to benefit others. It’s about relevant info and information is what your clients are seeking. Information gives your followers knowledge, and knowledge empowers them to make buying decisions with confidence. There are many good reasons why businesses should blog and here are five of them:

  1.  Blogs generate conversation with your clients. Over time you will establish your business as a reputable voice and thought leader in the industry. More and more people will subscribe to your blog as a result. Over time conversations will sky rocket which will inevitably help grow your business.
  2. Blogs can produce leads. Websites don’t attract as many new clients or customers as they used to as they are basically  an online brochure. But a regularly updated blog can produce a constant stream of good leads as people subscribe and interact with you and your business.
  3. Customers Read Blogs: While customers may not seek out a business’s site and go looking for their blog, that doesn’t mean customers don’t read blogs. Blogs tend to rank very high on search engine results pages. If they’ve ever searched for  something they’ve probably found themselves stumbling across a blog with the very information they are seeking.
  4. Blogs help SEO- Search engines love fresh content. How often do the pages of a website change? You must be consistent and blog regularly. If your blog site has not been updated in a year you can bet that someone elses blog is going to rank much higher than yours in search engine results pages. Be sure to use key phrases.  There are really cool plugins you can use that will give your blog an SEO score to ensure its key phrase is optimized.
  5. Blog are forever-A blog has no shelf life. A blog written 8 years ago can easily be found as Google will crawl the article and place it on search engines result pages.

So when it come to blogging, keep it relevant, keep it interesting, and be consistent. Chances are your content will continue to show up on search engines for years to come, giving you the thought leader status you’ve worked so hard to earn.

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